About Greg

Hey, I’m Greg.

This is my blog about marketing, starting a software company, and my life as an entrepreneur and new dad.

Yup, that's me with the open mouthed smile.  I have a loud laugh too!​

I started this blog as sort of an experiment. I wanted to test two hypotheses:

  1. I want to build a blog that isn't annoying.  That means no popups, mats, scroll boxes, or anything like that.  There will be no ads or affiliate links to other products.
  2. There will be no ads or affiliate links to other products.   I want you to read, learn, and implement some of these strategies to grow your own blog and business.

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More About Me

  1. I’m 34 (How’d that happen?), married to my beautiful wife.

  2. We have an amazing son who was born in August. (Am I the only one crazy enough to start a new company and have a baby in the same year?)

  3. I live and die Philadelphia sports (Eagles, Sixers, Phillies, Flyers). However, if you’re from Philly, then you know I’ve mostly died in my 35 years.

  4. I like my bourbon straight.

  5. There’s something magical about reading a book with pages; not from an e-reader. (seriously, I still get excited when Amazon delivers a package to my door and I open it up to find it’s the new book I ordered. I just don’t get that “thrill” when it’s zipped to my kindle”)

  6. Traveling… but I hate flying. The struggle is real!

  7. Lately, I have been loving when someone shows me the software I’ve built is working for their business. It’s such a cool feeling!